City Manager


Pursuant to the Whitefish City Charter, the City Manager is appointed by the City Council to carry out Council policies and to serve as chief executive officer of the City. The City Manager administers the City’s business and implements the Council’s plans and directives by:

  • Preparing the annual budget for Council review and approval
  • Supervising and directing the expenditure of City funds in accordance with the budget
  • Preparing City Council meeting agendas
  • Appointing, suspending, or removing City employees under their jurisdiction
  • Coordinating the work of all City departments and employees, except the City Judge
  • Ensuring adherence to City laws and contracts
  • Communicating with Council regarding citizen concerns and governmental issues
  • Making recommendations to Council on:
    • Finances
    • Legislation
    • Policies
    • Other matters
  • Investigating and acting on citizen concerns

Update & Report

For most recent City Manager update and report look in the most recent City Council meeting packet.

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