Aquatic Invasive Species Self-Certification

AIS Self-Certification Tests for all Watercraft Users

These programs are built on the assumption that we all care about keeping AIS out of our local water bodies.  It is your responsibility to clean,drain, and dry your watercraft after visiting any other water body before launching again in Whitefish Lake.

Non-Motorized Hand-Launched Watercraft Users

This online Self-Certification Program for non-motorized, hand-launched watercraft users is designed to get low risk watercraft on the lake quicker and to alleviate congestion at the City Beach and Whitefish Lake State Park boat launches.  By participating in this program, users can acquire a five-year sticker that will eliminate the need for a full inspection each time they visit the lake. To obtain the sticker, non-motorized, hand-launched watercraft users are required to pass an on-line training test.  If the user successfully passes the test, they will be issued a certificate and a sticker that can be displayed to boat inspectors at City Beach and Whitefish Lake State Park.
Non Motorized Sticker Test

Off-Season Certification (October 1- April 30)

The City Beach and Whitefish Lake State Park boat ramps will be locked in the off season.  All motorized and non-motorized watercraft users may launch at these sites in the off season by passing the Off-Season online AIS Self-Certification Program. Users who successfully pass the test will be issued a certificate and lock code to enter and exit the boat ramps at City Beach and Whitefish Lake State Park.
Off-Season Certification Test

Early Morning Anglers

Early Morning Anglers may launch at City Beach or Whitefish Lake State Park prior to open Watercraft Inspection Hours by passing the Early Angler Online Certification Program. Once you receive your certification, place your certificate on your dashboard of your vehicle after launching your boat.
Early Angler Certification Test

Five Year Certification Program for Off-Season or Early Angler

Local boaters can now complete an in-person certification for a five-year period. Boaters are asked to visit either boat launches or the decontamination station during the months of May or September to complete the certification process.  

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Management Program

For more information visit: Whitefish Lake AIS Management Program