Code Enforcement

The City of Whitefish has many rules and regulations to enforce within the city limits and its planning jurisdiction. These include signs, zoning, weeds and snow removal and are designed to ensure safe and attractive neighborhoods.

Did You Know …

  • Homeowners are required to shovel the sidewalk adjacent to their property within 24 hours of a snow event
  • Business owners or tenants are required to shovel sidewalks adjacent to their property by 10 am.
  • Property owners are required to maintain their property and the adjacent boulevards free from noxious weeds
  • Property owners may not accumulate, store, collect, maintain or display:
    • Waste/solid waste
    • Abandoned, inoperable, wrecked, junk or unlicensed vehicles, equipment or machinery
    • Dried grass, weeds or shrubbery
  • ’A’ frame signs are only permitted in the Old Town District and may only be 2 feet wide with no more than 6 square feet per side.
    • In addition, signs must maintain 44 inches of clearance around the sign when located on a public sidewalk
  • A sign permit is required prior to the placement of a temporary banner (Temporary Sign Permit Application (PDF))
  • A sign permit is required prior to the placement of a new permanent sign
  • A fence permit is required prior to installing a new fence (Fence Permit Application (PDF))

Voluntary Compliance & Civil Citations

The city works with residents and businesses to facilitate voluntary compliance with city codes. If voluntary compliance is unsuccessful, the city may also utilize the civil citation process.

If you have any questions about the various items related to code enforcement or wish to file a complaint, please contact us at 406-863-2410 or complete and submit the Violation Complaint Form (PDF)

Please be advised that the city will not investigate anonymous complaints.