Applications & Forms

Public Works Applications are now available online!

Excavation/Right-of-Way Permit (available online below): Must be completed for any ground disturbance within the public right-of-way or any excavation near a public or private utility. APPLICATIONS CAN TAKE UP TO A MINIMUM OF 48 HOUR'S FOR APPROVAL. WORK IS NOT AUTHORIZED TO BEGIN BEFORE APPROVAL AND PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. If your permit requires or includes a water tap, tapping fees may apply. Please call the Public Works Department for more information. Proof of Liability Insurance is required along with an annual bond in the amount of $5,000. Work conducted in the right of way of state highway or county is subject to the approval by the Montana Department of Transportation (406-751-2000) or the Flathead County Road Department (406-758-5790). 

Temporary Construction Encroachment Permit (available online below): Must be completed for any work in the public right-of-way that does not involve ground disturbance. Examples could include equipment staging, material storage, road closures or the use of a dumpster.

Permanent Structural Encroachment Permit: Must be completed if there is a permanent structure that is going onto the City Right-of-Way. Example would include affixing an awning to an existing building located in the downtown area.  

Temporary On-Street Parking Permit (available online below): Must be completed for the use of restricted parking spaces in the beyond the posted time limit. Examples could include a moving truck, contractor parking, or a dumpster. This permit only applies to areas with time-restricted parking, such as in the downtown area.

Application for Site Review: Site plan review is required for all new subdivision, conditional use permit requests, new commercial uses or projects, multifamily proposals with three (3) or more units and any other proposals that may benefit from being reviewed by City Staff.

Plan Review and Construction Oversite (available online below): An engineering review fee must be received by the Public Works Department before plan review process can begin for a development project. The review fee is due in full at the time the plans are submitted to the Public Works Department.

Water and Sewer Permit Packet: Water and Sewer permits are required for all connections, disconnections, modifications, relocation’s, adding back-flow prevention assemblies or replacement of lines that connect to the City’s municipal sanitary sewer or water service distribution systems. Inspections of individual service lines are required. Water meter are issued as a part of the permit process. Permits are only issued to licensed master plumbers with a current City Business License. See Utility Department for processing this form.