City Development Plans

Site Review Committee

If you are planning to develop in the City of Whitefish you will need to go through a process of meetings and coordination with City Staff. One of the first steps that is recommended is to present your project to the Site Review Committee who is responsible for providing direction and feedback concerning City requirements.

The Site Review Committee consists of Public Works, Planning and the Fire Department, providing guidance to your project. 

A Site Plan Review Application (PDF) needs to be completed and submitted by Thursday at 5 pm to be considered for the agenda the following Thursday. Four hard copies, delivered to Public Works, and one digital copy, submitted to, is required.

Public Works Plan Review

Plan review includes technical review of proposed work to ensure they meet City Engineering Standards. The application review is 30 days upon receipt of all plans and payment of fees.

Commercial projects require as-built drawings and an engineer’s certification letter if the project required engineering plan submittal and approval by the Public Works Department. For commercial projects, the engineering plan requirement is usually triggered by the stormwater section of the standards. Section 2.3 on page 28 of the Engineering Standards provides details on the content and format of as-built drawings. A project that includes standard water and sewer services, without a hydrant, main extension, or stormwater plan, would not require engineering plans or as-built drawings. Please note that some projects may require approval from additional regulatorily authorities such as DEQ, MDT, FWP, FCD, or others

Plan Review and Construction Oversight Fee Calculation Worksheet (PDF)

Project Closeout Checklist

Municipal Facilities Checklist

State of Montana DEQ State of Montana DEQ Municipal Facilities Checklist and Form

Excavation/Right-of-Way Permit (please see applications and forms)