Fire Facilities & Equipment


The insurance industry recognizes a fire station’s effective response distance to be within five road miles when setting property rates.  Currently, the Whitefish Fire Department operates out of two stations:  Station 21 within City Limits and Station 22 at the southeast end of the Whitefish Fire Service Area.

City of Whitefish Fire Department

Fire Trucks Lined Up

Station 21 is located at 275 Flathead Avenue in the City’s Emergency Services Center and houses our administrative offices, career staff’s living quarters, and ten apparatus bays. 

Exterior of Station 22

Station 22 Training Facility

Station 22 is located at the intersection of Whitefish Stage and Hodgson Roads.  This station belongs to the Whitefish Fire Service Area and is used by the Whitefish Fire Department to provide fire protection to the southern portions of the Fire Service Area.  Our training building and four apparatus bays are at this station. 

City Shops are located at the end of 13th Street close to Station 21.  Our training to prepare for confined space rescues and trench rescues are done at this facility.  

Hovercraft Barn is a small, one-bay building located at City Beach that houses our hovercraft, a water / ice rescue vehicle.

Future Satellite Stations: With the goal of bringing as many properties within effective distance of a fire station to provide both better emergency response plus substantial insurance premium savings, both the City and the Fire Service Area would need to obtain property, construct buildings, and provide fire equipment to the satellite stations.  

Very preliminary talks have identified the following possible locations:

  • Bottom of Big Mountain Road within reach of the top of Iron Horse.
  • Area near Twin Bridges Road and Highway 93 North.
  • Area near East Lakeshore Drive and Delrey Road.
  • Area near Star Meadows to protect the properties being developed up there. 
  • Areas to the north along Highway 93. 

Whitefish Fire Department Vehicles & Equipment: Whitefish provides many opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, skiing, ice fishing, boating, and river rafting.  The Whitefish Fire Department is equipped with a variety of equipment to assist our staff with overcoming potential challenges in the variety of emergency situations that we encounter.


ambulance driving with lights with mountains in the background