Police Department Exterior

Whitefish Montana Police BadeThe Whitefish Police Department (WPD) is here to serve and protect the citizens of Whitefish, Montana under the leadership of Police Chief Bridger Kelch.


The Whitefish Police Department’s mission is to promote public safety with dedication, integrity, and public input to improve the quality of life for our citizens.


The officers and employees of the Whitefish Police Department strive for excellence in all we do - seeking to be one of the premier police agencies in the country.


Our values include the trust and dependability to act responsibly, contributing to the welfare of others, and respect for self, others, and the organization.

The WPD’s standard of respect, fairness, honesty and ethical conduct is exceedingly high. Believing in the integrity of our actions, we take pride in the results we achieve as individuals and as an organization.