Spring Leaf Pickup

2023 Spring Leaf Pickup

The City of Whitefish will NO LONGER BE PICKING UP BAGGED LEAVES.  A new system has begun that will require leaves to be placed adjacent to the edge of the street for pickup. 

The following rules apply:

  1. For those residing in an area that has boulevards, place your leaves within the boulevard closest to the street side but not in the gutter.
  2. If the residence does not have a boulevard, leaves must be deposited no farther than five feet from the street, but not on the pavement itself.
  3. This service DOES NOT include the removal of grass clippings. Piles with branches, grass clippings, garden waste and pet waste will not be picked up.
  4. Please do not place leaves around tree bases, signs, light poles, or any other obstacles.
  5. Please follow the City’s Alternate Side Parking restrictions to ensure the success of this new system.

Approximate Dates of Service:  April 10 - May 31  

Questions about the new leaf pickup procedures may be directed to the Public Works Department (publicworks@cityofwhitefish.org, or (406) 863-1260).

Items Not Picked Up

The City will not pick up such items as:

  • Appliances
  • Construction rubble
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Oversized tree limbs or branches

These items must be hauled by the property owner to the County Landfill.

Composting & Recycling

The City encourages residents to compost their yard and garden waste to reduce to amount of material to be picked up. 


Please, call the Public Works Office at 863-1260 if there are any questions.

Thank you for your cooperation.