Rental Properties

The City requires that utility bills remain in the property owner’s name.  If you are responsible for the utility bill, please contact your property management company or the owner of the property.

Owners (rental properties only)
All City utility accounts must stay in the property owner’s name per recorded title of ownership of real estate property. If you have a property management company who manages your property, we will need a Property Management Authorization form filled out by you and submitted to our department. 

This form gives the management company to act on your behalf. 

If you would like your tenant to receive a copy of the utility bill, at your request in writing via email to we can send the bill to, please address as example below:

Property Owners Name, c/o Current Resident, 123 ABC Street.

The bill is not prorated, and we do not do final reads or move-in reads.  It is your responsibility to contact us to stop the copy of the bill going to your tenant.

Please Note:  Unpaid water, sewer and garbage charges are ultimately the property owner’s responsibility.  It is the owner’s or property management company’s responsibility to make sure the bills are paid between tenants.  Otherwise, a tax assessment/lien will be placed on the property.  Please contact us if you need help determining if an account has been paid.