Brush Trucks

We have two different size brush trucks primarily based on how much water they carry.

Brush 282 - Type 5 - 2009 Ford F450 

4-wheel drive - 400 gallons water, 80 gpm pump

282Red and black brush truck parked with fire on mountain in the distance

Our Type-5 is a larger vehicle designed for off-road wildfire attack with more water than a Type-6, thus a heaver 4wd 4-door pick-up chassis.  The truck also has the pump and water tank on an interchangeable flat bed. 

Brush 281 - 1998 Chevy 4wd

225 gallons water - 80 gpm pump

Brush 281 - 1998 Chevy 3500

Our Type-6 is a smaller vehicle designed for off-road wildfire attack where larger vehicles have access problems.  The truck is built on a 4wd 2-door pickup chassis with an interchangeable rear bed containing a pump and water tank.