Fire prevention is more than just Fire Prevention Week, which has truly become a public education campaign.  True fire prevention takes on multiple stages: 

  • Building Codes & Standards
    1. The City has adopted the International Fire Code.
    2. The City has adopted the Wildland Urban Interface Code.
    3. The Fire Department encourages home sprinklers.
  • Site Plan Review 
    • Fire department access roads are to be provided to so fire apparatus can get to within 150-feet of any point of the building’s ground level exterior wall.
      • Minimum 20-foot wide
      • 13-foot 6-inch overhead clearance
      • Maximum 9% grade
      • 30-ton weight 
      • Inside turning radius of 28-feet
      • Outside turning radius of 50-feet
      • Limit dead end roads, but if used:
        • 0 to 150-feet long = no turnaround required.
        • 151 to 500-feet long = approved turnaround required
        • 501 to 750-feet long = 26-foot wide road plus approved turnaround
      • Approved turnarounds maintained clear year-round
        • 100-ft diameter cul-de-sac
        • 120-foot hammerhead
  • Building Plan Review
    • Our Fire Marshal reviews commercial building plans with an eye towards fire safety.
  • Annual Fire Safety Inspections
    • We conduct fire safety inspectionsof our business annually. This is mostly enforcement through education and a chance to update contact information.
  • Permits for:
    1. Open Burning
    2. Fireworks
    3. Special Events


Knox Box System

The Whitefish Fire Department promotes the Knox Rapid Entry System for secure rapid emergency access to your property.  This system allows paramedics and firefighters to immediately gain access to your building without forced entry damage or delay.

For more information contact Fire Marshal, Travis Tveidt at or go to 

 Within this website under Resources there are many very useful links to specific fire safety documents and videos.