Edgewood and Texas Reconstruction Project

Texas Edg logo FINALThe City of Whitefish is reconstructing Edgewood Place & Texas Avenue. The City has selected the engineering firm of Robert Peccia & Associates (RPA) to assist them with project management, public involvement, surveying and civil engineering. The project will generally include roadway reconstruction, a bicycle/pedestrian path, decorative street lighting and drainage improvements.

The Edgewood & Texas Reconstruction Project will consist of reconstructing Texas Avenue from Edgewood Place to the northern city limits and Edgewood Place from Colorado Avenue to the eastern city limits. The total length of the project is approximately 5,650 linear feet. Construction schedules are yet to be determined, but summer 2021 construction is possible for a portion of the corridor.

Public Outreach & Involvement

Throughout the development of the project there will be several public outreach campaigns and opportunities for public involvement.

Below are the Informational newsletters and other information regarding the project.

Newsletter No. 1

Newsletter No. 2

Newsletter No. 3

Communication is Key

We want to communicate with all property owners and residents in the vicinity of Edgewood Place and Texas Avenue. Email is a great tool for distributing information. To be included in our email distribution, please provide your name, address and email address by email or by phone at 406-752-5025.

Notice of Public Meeting No.1

December 15, 2020 6:30 PM

About the Meeting: The City of Whitefish will host a public meeting to present background information and solicit comments for the Edgewood and Texas Reconstruction Project. Residents and others interested in the project are encouraged to attend and provide comments to the City and the design consultants. A presentation of existing in-formation and an overview of the project will begin shortly after 6:30 p.m. Following the presentation, there will be an informal question and answer session.

Attending the Meeting: Due to Covid-19, the meeting will be held remotely using the City’s Cisco Webex platform. Please see the below information for accessing the Webex platform.

Meeting Link: https://cityofwhitefish.webex.com/cityofwhitefish/j.php?MTID=md7e01a0a048988b76e644bbd855f3434

Meeting Number: 146 788 7870

Meeting Password: edgewoodtexas

Questionnaire for tonites meeting:

Questionnaire No. 1

To view presentation for Public Meeting No. 1 On Tuesday December 15, 2020 please click here

Notice of Public Meetings (No. 2a and 2b)

About the Meetings: The City of Whitefish will be hosting two public meetings on two separate evenings to present design options and solicit comments for the Edgewood and Texas Reconstruction Project. The first meeting will focus on Edge-wood Place and the second meeting will focus on Texas Avenue.

Attending the Meetings: Due to Covid-19, the meetings will be held remotely using the City’s Cisco Webex platform. Please see the below information for accessing the Webex platform. To avoid having to type in the long “Meeting Links” ad-dresses below, participants are encouraged to access the meetings by clicking the interactive link found on the City’s project website as discussed within lower left-hand corner of this newsletter.

Response Sheets: A Response Sheet for Edgewood Place is linked below for completion and should be returned by February 5th, 2021. Information pertaining to this Response Sheet will be provided and reviewed during the Edgewood Place Meeting on February 2, 2021. A similar Response Sheet for Texas Avenue will be provided and reviewed at a future public meeting, likely during the summer months of 2021.

Edgewood Place Meeting 2a (Meeting 1 of 2) Tuesday, February 2, 2021 6:30 PM

Meeting Link: https://cityofwhitefish.webex.com/cityofwhitefish/j.php?MTID=me49f12143781c9d0336193ef75dd80a4

Meeting Number: 146 363 0431

Meeting Password: edgewoodtexas

Response Sheet: Edgewood Place

Texas Avenue Meeting 2b (Meeting 2 of 2) Thursday, February 4, 2021 6:30 PM

Meeting Link: https://cityofwhitefish.webex.com/cityofwhitefish/j.php?MTID=m74a91b65abd231ff9b0ebb13a8784e1e

Meeting Number: 146 944 3433

Meeting Password: edgewoodtexas

Interested individuals may attend either or both meetings regardless of where they reside. As always, please feel free to contact Brandon Theis, Project Manager, and/or Karin Hilding, Senior Project Engineer, with any questions or comments you may have.

To view the presentation for Public Meeting No. 2a for Edgewood February 2, 2021 click here

To view the presentation for Public Meeting No. 2b for Texas Ave February 4, 2021 click here