Community Housing

Housing lies at the heart of any person's and community’s wellbeing. Whitefish is no exception. Smaller towns have historically been all-hands-on-deck communities, with everyone pitching in to make sure the community is functioning. Small towns continue to feel the displacement of community members and workers more acutely than larger cities do because we simply have smaller margins of error. As an increasing number of people in Whitefish struggle to find adequate housing at a price they can afford, we all lose individual friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, and workers. As a community, we collectively lose resilience, connectedness, and we all have a harder time accessing the services that keep us healthy, safe, and in love with Whitefish. That's why the City of Whitefish is working with a variety of local, regional, and statewide partners to build a strong community housing ecosystem.

What is community housing? 

Housing that is affordable for community members that live and work in the Whitefish area that is not being provided by the housing market. This term refers to a range of household income levels for which market-priced housing is unattainable, including both the traditionally low-income housing, as well as middle income, and, in Whitefish, upper middle income. 

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