Resources and Partner Organizations

Many organizations and individuals across Whitefish are working hard to contribute to rebuilding a strong and equitable community housing ecosystem. The systems that impact and influence housing are complex, so making any significant impact requires a broad array of partners working together. 

Whitefish Housing Authority

Housing authorities are ‘quasi-governmental organizations’, or independent government corporations given authority over a specific service or community goal within a specific geographic area. In the case of housing authorities – that objective is housing. In Montana, housing authorities' powers and relationship with local governments are defined at the state level. In some places, housing authorities operate independently from local governments, both legally and financially. In Whitefish, the City Council seats the board of the Housing Authority, who hire and direct the Housing Authority's executive director and general strategy. The Whitefish Housing Authority operates a number of programs including Section 8 voucher programs, home rehabilitation loan programs and support for low-income seniors and disabled persons. 

Housing Whitefish 

Housing Whitefish is a non-profit organization that advocates for affordable housing options in the Whitefish community.