How do I purchase a lot?

Currently, the City Cemetery is sold out. Until a new location is found, the City Clerk’s Office has a waiting list. Some lots are sold back to the City and some lots are sold by the owner. If you purchase a lot from the owner please contact the City Clerk’s Office to update the records.


The City now has cremain remains vaults available in a standing monument called a Columbarium (PDF). The current prices for Columbarium vaults are contained in the Resolution (PDF) creating the fees for the Columbarium.

Memory Wall

A memory wall is available for those loved ones that are not interred in the cemetery. The Resolution (PDF) was passed in December 2015 creating the fees for reserving a space on the wall. A prepayment is paid with the City Clerk’s office to have Glacier Memorial Gardens engrave the nameplate.


  • $60 - Reserving space
  • $290 - Engraving by Glacier Memorial Gardens

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