What’s the difference between the Stage I and Stage II water conservation regulations?
  • Stage I Severe Water Shortage includes all General Conservation requirements plus watering is limited to two days per week in accordance with the following schedule:
    • No watering is allowed on Monday
    • Single residential properties with odd-numbered addresses may water on Saturday and Wednesday
    • Single residential properties with even-numbered addresses may water on Sunday and Thursday
    • All other properties (multi-unit, Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs), commercial, industrial, government) may water on Tuesday and Friday
    • New turf planting is prohibited
    • Exterior water features must be turned off
    • Car washing is prohibited except at commercial car wash facilities
    • The City may limit the number of minutes of irrigation that an area of turf may receive or a maximum total amount of time during which irrigation at a premise may occur
  • Stage II Extreme Water Shortage includes all General Conservation and Stage I requirements in addition to the following:
    • All outdoor watering is prohibited public or private, for:
      • Gardens
      • Lawns
      • Trees
      • Shrubs
      • Plants
      • Parks
      • Golf courses
      • Playing fields
      • Swimming pools or other recreational areas
    • No new landscaping is permitted
    • Washing is prohibited for:
      • Motor vehicles
      • Boats
      • Trailers
      • Pavement
      • Exterior of any building or structure

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