I want to sell a portion of my property. How do I do that?


In order to sell a portion of a property, the property must first go through subdivision review and receive both Preliminary Plat and Final Plat approvals before the new lot can be sold. Depending on a variety of factors, the division may require review as a minor waiver, a minor, or a major subdivision Preliminary Plat. Each has a different time frame for the application and review period, with the longest (major subdivisions) taking approximately 3 months before a final decision is made by the City Council. 

Final Plat

Once a subdivision has received Preliminary Plat, the new lot or lots are not officially created until the applicant completes Final Plat. This is a separate application process where the applicant must demonstrate they have met all conditions approved during the Preliminary Plat process. The Final Plat review takes approximately 1 to 2 months with a final decision made by the City Council. Once the Council approves the Final Plat, the lots will be created and can then be sold by applicant.


There are a few instances when subdivision review is not required for the creation of a lot under Montana State Law. These instances are know as Subdivision Exemptions and include Boundary Line Adjustments, Family Transfers, and Agricultural Exemptions.

Contact the Planning Department

If you are interested in dividing your land, you are encouraged to contact the Planning Department at 406-863-2410 to discuss the overall process and submittal requirements.

For more information on subdivisions or to review the applications, visit the Applications, Forms and Fee Schedule page.

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