What is the process to install a dock on my property?

First, if the subject property has not been annexed into the City of Whitefish, the property owner or applicant must contact the Flathead County Planning and Zoning Office at 406-751-8200 in order to obtain a lakeshore permit.

If the subject property is located within the City of Whitefish city limits:

  • Complete and the Lakeshore Construction Permit Application (PDF) 
  • The overall size of a proposed dock is calculated in relation to the amount of lakeshore frontage for the subject property
  • Additionally, if there are other constructed areas or surfaces within the Lakeshore Protection Zone (20 feet landward of the high water mark), this may affect the size of the dock permitted

Submittals & Questions

The completed application, required fee, and additional application submittals must be turned into the City of Whitefish Planning Department. For additional information, visit the Lakeshore Development page which includes a link to the City of Whitefish Lakeshore Regulations, or contact the Planning Department.

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