What does the Legacy Homes Program mean to developers?
  • If a developer would like to obtain the Legacy Home incentives, 10% of the project will include housing affordable to people with moderate incomes.  A developer can receive incentives for subdivisions, residential conditional use permits (CUP), or residential planned unit developments (PUD).
  • A Housing Mitigation Plan (PDF) must be submitted as part of a complete application and describe how the project will comply with the regulations.
  • To help off-set the cost to developers, the regulations provide for Legacy Homes Program Incentives (PDF) which are incremental reductions to some development standards.
  • There are several ways to comply with the Legacy Homes Program including development the units within the development, pay a Fee-in-Lieu (PDF) of units, providing the units off-site, dedicate land or an alternative, including a combination of the various options.

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2. What does the Legacy Homes Program mean to developers?
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