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City Hall

  1. Contact Us

    For question regarding the City of Whitefish Website.

  2. Email Notifications

    COVID-19 FACE COVERINGS VIOLATION ONLINE COMPLAINT FORM: *Please note anonymous complaints will not be processed.

  2. Highway 93 Banner Application

Public Works

  1. Application for Temp Construction Encroachment Permit Application

    For any work that does not involve ground disturbance. (i.e. equipment staging, temp road closures, material storage or the use of a... More…

  2. Plan Review and Construction Oversight Fee

    Please submit this completed form and payment along with infrastructure improvement plans and related documents to the Public Works... More…

  3. Temporary On-Street Parking Permit

    Must be completed for the use of restricted parking spaces in the beyond the posted time limit. Examples could include a moving truck,... More…

  1. Excavation Permit

    For Work in the City Right-of-Way and/or adjacent to a City Owned Utility.

  2. Public Works Infrastructure Information Request Form

    Fill this form out to request information on Public Works infrastructure, including as-built drawings.

Utility Billing

  1. Account Holder Contact Update

    Update any information that may have changed on your account

  2. Property Owners Agreement for City Utility Services

    City Utility Services Application

  1. Property Managers Authorization

    Property Managers Authorization

  2. Water and/or Sewer Installation and/or Alteration Permit

    Meter Installation Permit