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Adopt - A - Tree Program Application Form

  2. * All participant in the "Adopt-A-Tree Program" must be the legal owner of the property, or obtain approval from the legal owner, and provide a signature to the partnership agreement regarding commitment to the maintenance program.

  3. Acknowledgement of the following terms:*

    I am a full-time resident at the residence requested.

    I agree to pay 50% of the market value of the tree.

    I understand the tree will be planted in spring or fall.

    Planting location is public right-of-way (boulevard).

    I will notify the city if I have boulevard irrigation.

    I agree to fill the water bag weekly for 3 years.

    I will notify the city if I move in the first 3 years. 

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  5. If Boulevard is Greater than 5'

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  6. If Boulevard is Less than 5'

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  7. If Boulevard is Greater than 7'

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