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Fitness in the Park Use Application

  1. Fitness in the Park Use Application
  2. Park Use - $10/hour
  3. Certificate of Insurance naming City of Whitefish as "Additional Insured"
    Comprehensive General Liability insurance with either $2 million per occurrence -OR- $1 million per occurrence and $1 million umbrella
  4. The City of Whitefish allows local businesses to promote one-hour fitness classes in community parks based on the following stipulations: 

    •For organized events where anticipated attendance is greater than 15, a fee is charged to participate, or you wish to advertise your business during a free event, please complete this form and submit the required insurance form.

    •Events that are free and open to the public with an anticipated attendance of 15 or less do not need to complete this form as long as there are no business signs, banners, or advertisements posted in the park or any other form of solicitation during the event.

  5. Please check the desired park *
  6. Please list all dates requested

  7. Maximum 2 hours at a time, maximum 2 activity sessions per day; maximum 20 hours per business/organization per year. 

  8. Fee to Attend?*
  9. Advertised to the Public?*
  10. For Profit or Non-Profit Entity?*
  11. Acknowledgement of Refund Policy*

    Park facility fees are non-refundable. An event can be transferred to a different date provided their is availability. Under extenuating circumstances, a refund request can be submitted to the City Manager for review. 

  12. I hereby certify that I have read and understand the policies and procedures regarding the use of public facilities. I further agree to hold the City of Whitefish, its governing board, the individual members thereof and all officers, agents and employees free and harmless of any loss, damage, liability cost or expense that may arise during or be caused in any such use or occupancy of City property.
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