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Plan Review and Construction Oversight Fee

  1. Plan Review and Construction Oversight Fee Calculation Worksheet

    Please submit this completed form and payment along with infrastructure improvement plans and related documents.

  2. Please provide the following information (leave blank if an item does not apply)

  3. Type of Development

  4. In Feet

  5. In Feet

  6. You may refer to the fee schedule and apply information from items above to perform your own calculation.

  7. Enter base plan amount

  8. Amount of water main extension

  9. Amount of Sewer Main Extension

  10. Amount of Pumping Facilities

  11. Total amount due

  12. Upload files

  13. The fee is due with the submittal of construction plans and related documents. Payment can be made electronically with the Customer Service Clerk or by Check payable to the City of Whitefish. Contact the Public Public Works Department at (406) 863-2460 if you have any questions.

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