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Public Works Infrastructure Information Request Form

  1. Public Works Information Request Form
  2. Request Information
  3. Is the area requested for private property or a street ROW area?*
  4. Name of subdivision, if applicable.
  5. Assessor number of property or properties
  6. Tract ID information
  7. Requested ROW Street Name
  8. Address Block numbers of requested Street
  9. As-built file numbers, if known.
  10. Type of Information Desired (required)*
  11. Included Utilities and Information (at least one selection is required, select all that apply)*
  12. Upload location maps, survey or other information to identify location
  13. Disclaimer: Any “As-Built” information requested that may be provided, was originally supplied to the City, in hard copy format, by the applicable stamping engineer, then it was scanned to file for retention purposes. Any “As-Built” and/or “Schematic” and/or “Contour/Topo”, and/or other information that may be provided may not indicate the most current/actual conditions. The City does not verify all information provided nor does it guarantee its accuracy. The use of any information that may be provided by the City will be completely at your own risk. You should always field verify the actual availability and locations of all types of utilities before beginning any construction/digging activities. You must verify with U Dig One.
  14. I accept the disclaimer and I understand that this request may take up to one week to process.*
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